Volunteering for our school is easy!  You can volunteer for activities during the school day, helping teachers with tasks and projects. Or support the admin staff performing tasks in the front office or around the property.  You can also volunteer for specific activities at school, after school, off-campus, and others by helping with events, projects and other activities that support our students and the Trailside Staff.  You can be involved and devote your time to helping develop our Trailside Middle School community!
To volunteer for specific scheduled events, please visit the list below and click on the "Volunteer NOW!" button.
Some jobs require a form to be filled out to be approved for being on school grounds as more than a visitor.  Visit the PTA Document page and download the "In-School Volunteer Application".  Please submit that to the front office when you get a chance.
Find the form here: http://www.trailsidemiddleschoolpta.ch2v.com/Content/261_15/DocumentStore/2/In-School%20Volunteer%20Application.pdf