1. I'm not getting emails.  We know this isn't a question... but it is a problem that comes up repeatedly.  Here are a few things to check.  First, double check your spam folder.  It's the number one issue.  Next, it's really important that a parent fill out the online google registration form when registering students for cast or crew.  This is the only method we have for building our email lists.  When students fill out the form we often have missing information or typos - and typos in emails result in the problem above.  Finally, if you don't see an email that you have heard has gone out please email and we'll investigate.  Sometimes it's going to one parent and not both (usually this means only one email was offered at registration).  Sometimes it's a typo.  Sometimes the email was left off the registration form completely.  If you're missing the newsletter we can double check to make sure you're on the correct mailing list in that system.  Hopefully after the first few weeks our mailing lists will be solidified.  Note - you have to register your email each year.  We do not carry email lists over from one year to the next.  Join our parent group on FB for notices when each mass email or newsletter is sent so you know in those first few weeks whether you're seeing everything that goes out.  We post a little notice there each time we send something just in case!
  2. What happens if I don't make the show?  Don't worry! Everyone makes the show!  There are no cuts.  If you audition you will be offered a role in the cast.  If you apply for crew, you will be offered a spot on a tech team!
  3. How do I choose an audition song?  Think about which character you'd most like to play or which character best fits your voice in terms of song.  Choose part of one of the songs that character sings (there are recommended audition selections in the handbook).  Make sure to show your acting as well as your singing while you are performing the song at auditions.
  4. If I sing a song from one character, does that mean I am only auditioning for that one character? What if I'm interested in more than one role?  You can tell us in the google registration form which characters you are most interested in.  You can even list them all!  Even though you are singing a song from one character you will still be considered for any role the direction team thinks might suit you!
  5. How do I choose an audition monologue?  A monologue is a section of speech that one character says alone on the stage.  You can choose from a book, a play, or a monologue book.  Ms. Emilie even has a few she has gathered (link to the left) if you can't find one you like on your own.  You should look for something that is similar in words or personality to the character you are auditioning for...for instance... If you are auditioning for Eeyore in "Winnie the Pooh" you would look for a monologue that was not from Winnie the Pooh - but showed the same personality characteristics that Eeyore has.  Your monologue should not be from Beauty and the Beast.
  6. What if the character I am auditioning for does not sing?  Then you would audition with the song recommended for the ensemble - or choose a part of a group song that you find in your voice range.  For instance, the narrators may also be cast as part of the ensemble in another scene.
  7. Who should do the advanced choreography combo? Everyone who would like to be considered for our featured dance ensemble should do the full combination from beginning all the way through the final 3 poses.  Even though you are auditioning for a lead character with your song and monologue, keep in mind that you are also auditioning for the ensemble characters at the same time.  If you are not cast as a lead, you love to dance and would be interested in practicing more challenging choreography then you should do the full combination so that you can be considered for the dance ensemble.  Everyone in the show will dance but a select group of dancers in each cast will be asked to learn more challenging choreography for certain parts of the show.
  8. Can I be in both the cast and the crew?  No - we would like you to focus on doing one job really well.  However, there are going to be Tech Days on Fridays after school.  Some of these will be workdays where our crews and crew leads call for additional volunteers from the cast.  On these days and the Super Saturdays we will certainly love all the extra help we can get for tasks such as painting, costuming, crafting etc.  So, yes, you can be involved on both sides - just not in a leadership position.
  9. Can I also play a sport?  The answer is, "It depends."  The rehearsals are mandatory so all cast members must be available from 3:30 - 6:00 Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays as well as both Super Saturdays, the one Fantastic Friday, ALL of Tech Week and all of the performances.  SO... if your sports practice is in the evening after rehearsal hours and only has games on weekends that won't interfere with the Super Saturdays and Performances, it can work.  Just consider whether you will have time to commit to both and still be successful academically.  School always comes first!  If, however, your sports team would require you to miss any rehearsal time you will need to choose between the two.  In that case, some tech crews might be a good fit.  Email the specific situation to the directors and they will help you determine whether there would be a good tech crew committee with a time commitment that works with your schedule.
  10. Are members of the Crew called only on Fridays?  Is it every Friday?  The crew will be divided into many committees and each of those committees has a different level of time commitment throughout the rehearsal process.  For instance, Stage Managers and Assistant Stage Managers will have to be at every rehearsal their assigned cast is called for.  Run Crew (stagehands) however, will only need to be involved near the end of the process from a week or two before tech week through the performances.  The Props Masters will be involved throughout the entire process, while their team of crafters/gatherers will only need to be involved until the list of props is completely made/collected.  Painters may be primarily on Fridays.  Each committee will meet with the directors in December to discuss expectations and make sure the commitment required works for the student.  If you have questions about a specific job that isn't covered in the Handbook please email the directors. 
  11. I'm a girl but am interested in auditioning for Lumiere.  Will you consider that?  Yes! For certain roles we will consider both boys and girls.  These roles include Lumiere, Chip, LeFou and Cogsworth.  Perhaps others.
  12. Can I change the key of my audition song?  Unfortunately, no.  With the Broadway Jr. Scripts we do not have the ability to change keys for the song.  So you may sing the octave above or below but we can not alter keys.  So look for something that fits within your vocal range when choosing an audition song and a character to audition for.
  13. What is a call-back?  A call-back is a 2nd or 3rd round of auditioning that happens after the initial round of auditions.  This is an opportunity for directors to invite an individual back to see something they may not have seen in the first round of auditions.  Actors can be called back for a variety of reasons.  It may be that they are being considered for a particular role and the director would like them to read part of the script in that character or sing additional pieces of songs that are different from what was presented in the initial audition.  Often actors are asked to read parts of the scripts in groups to see how various combinations of actors would work together if cast.  It may be a time for the music director to check vocal range relative to the requirements of a specific character, or the choreographer may ask a group of students to demonstrate additional dance skills.  If the directors have all the information they need to cast from the initial audition then an actor may not be called back.  So - it is simply a time for the directors to gain additional information they need to create the cast list.  Being called back does not guarantee being cast in a speaking role, and conversely, not being called back does not necessarily mean someone won't be cast in a speaking role.   The callback list is usually posted between 24 - 48 hours after each audition and with very large casts like here at TMS there may be multiple days of callbacks.